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Membership in the Lewistown Pistol Club is open to all US citizens and registered aliens who are legally entitled to own firearms in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Individual and family memberships are available.

 Membership entitles you to:

  • Unlimited access to the 50 yard outdoor shooting range

  • Access to the 50 ft 12 position indoor shooting range

  • Participation in weekly and monthly events and special shooting leagues

  • Unlimited use of the 3 outdoor shooting pits 

Application for membership can be made at any regular monthly meeting or scheduled event.  Regular meeting are held on the first Wednesday each month, beginning at 8pm.  Annual membership is $50.00 for individuals and $60.00 for families.

Being a member of the National Rifle Association is required for membership for the Lewistown Pistol Club.

Join the Lewistown Pistol Club and participate in the future of the shooting sports!

Lewistown Pistol Club is a 100% NRA Club.  NRA membership number and expiration date must be filled in on membership application.  For family memerships, at least 1 family member must be an NRA member.  Please use the link here to join or renew your membership.

You also need a current club member to sponsor you.  If you don't know any current club members, attend our matches and practice sessions that are open to the public.  There's a good chance you may run into a friend you didn't know was a member, or will become friends with someone willing to sponsor you.

Membership is currently $50 for an individual and $60 for a family.  Your membership gets you the combination to the gate and access to the outdoor ranges.  There are rules posted on the main gate that apply to the club in general, and rules specific to a particular area posted in that area.  Please read and follow all rules.  Anyone caught disregarding rules or damaging club equipment or property risks having their membership terminated and/or being held responsible for repairs.

 Please note that we do NOT get mail delivery at the club.  The club's physical address is provided simply for location information.  Mail all applications to the PO BOX listed on the application.  Our membership year runs October 1 - September 30.  Since all memberships expire on September 30, NEW MEMBERS ONLY have a pro-rated membership for their first year.  The pro-rated information is on the application.  Renewals (regardless of when you renew) are full price






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